Visit of the exhibition “Alberto Giacometti / Ali Cherri. Consideration”

Guided tour of the exhibition Alberto Giacometti / Ali Cherri. Consideration
Until March 24, 2024
Tour in French by Romain Perrin (curator of the exhibition)

Lebanese visual artist and videographer Ali Cherri shares with Alberto Giacometti a particular interest in the representation of the human head. In this dialogue, the artist explores the notion of Envisionment’ is a term that refers both to the act of envisioning something, but also to the evocation of the face.

This double meaning finds a particularly strong echo in Giacometti’s sculptures and paintings, where the human face is the motif of an incessant search as much as a realization in the making.

This exhibition unveils new creations by Ali Cherri designed specifically for the exhibition, for the most part. These new works resonate with the rich selection of paintings, sculptures and drawings by Alberto Giacometti from the Foundation’s collections.

© Ali Cherri, Head in the Earth, 2023 – Alberto Giacometti, Head of Diego, 1959-1960 Succession © Alberto Giacometti / Adagp, Paris 2023

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22 Mar 2024


17:00 - 18:00


Giacometti Institute
5 Rue Victor Schoelcher, 75014 Paris, France