Visit of the exhibition “Yves Saint Laurent”

Guided tour of the Yves Saint Laurent

The exhibition Yves Saint Laurent : Transparencies includes about forty textile pieces and is structured around 5 sections. The first section offers an introduction, exploring several pieces made of organza, Cigaline® , lace, tulle or chiffon. In the next section, the woman’s body is gradually revealed through openwork transparencies. On the first floor, the exhibition addresses the fluidity of movement generated by supple fabrics, such as chiffon, which animate the body, cover it and uncover it, accompanying it like a double, a dreamlike mist. At the end of the exhibition, several silhouettes of brides with their tulle veils, so often reinvented by Yves Saint Laurent, close the exhibition, as they do throughout the exhibition parade.

Several modern and contemporary works – drawings by Anne Bourse, photographs by Man Ray, a film by the Lumière brothers with choreography by Loïe Fuller, and a painting by Francis Picabia – also punctuate the tour.


Tour in French by Elsa Janssen (director of the museum).

© Exhibition poster – Musée Yves Saint Laurent

RSVP required – 2 tickets per person maximum


21 Mar 2024


09:30 - 10:30


Yves Saint Laurent Museum
5 Avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris