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22,48 noircontourblancext

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29, rue de la Commune de Paris / KOMUNUMA
93230 Romainville

Presentation of the gallery

The origin of the name "22.48 m²" refers to the small area of the exhibition space in its first location in the Belleville district. A very modest size for a gallery, this is precisely what made it a unique and stimulating place for artists. This space constraint forced artists to rethink their approach and create works specifically tailored to these limited dimensions, which encouraged experimentation and creativity. Today, the gallery has moved to Romainville, on the outskirts of Paris, to join KOMUNUMA's collective project.

Presentation of the artist in focus

For Drawing Now, the gallery will have a tiny booth displaying Paola Ciarska's miniatures. This spatial constraint will force the spectators into an intimate proximity to each work, thus offering an immersive experience.
Paola creates complex collages of mysterious interiors contained in small paintings, transporting us to a parallel universe in perpetual evolution. Each composition unveils unique worlds, both in their dreamlike dimension and in the revelation of elements of our inner and hidden lives, thus offering access to universes otherwise inaccessible.