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CLOSE, Close House, Hatch Beauchamp
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Presentation of the gallery

CLOSE Ltd is a rural contemporary art gallery located in the grounds of Close House, Hatch Beauchamp, South Somerset.

Founded by curator and artistic advisor Freeny Yianni RSA, who began her career at the Lisson Gallery, London, and has been working in the international art world for over 30 years developing opportunities for artists and running a visual arts and design practice. Yianni is also President of SAW (Somerset Arts Works), a national portfolio organization that serves to develop opportunities for artists and inspire communities through their outstanding artistic engagement.

CLOSE Ltd collaborates with organisations and institutions to create exceptional projects that matter. With more than thirty years of experience in the field of art and commerce, CLOSE works with the greatest artists, collectors, foundations, galleries, museums, patrons and sponsors of art and culture. Scheduled exhibitions as well as our ever-growing permanent collection are available.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Jane Harris, 1956-2022

For the past three decades, Jane Harris has been studying the geometric shape of the ellipse – an elastic shape that lends itself to allusion and can take on multiple identities. Drawn from models, the shapes are painted in different relationships with each other, in two or three colours. From these simple parameters, she is able to create images that remind us that the fundamental effects of any painting lie in the movement of light passing over a surface, which carries the substance of the "formed and transformed" material. His watercolor drawings express and are born from an intense engagement with the natural world and the phenomena that exist within it: the sun illuminating a cloud against the light, or the movement of the wind on the water, the grainy quality of twilight. Harris's elliptical forms have a kind of slippery ambiguity, and as she manipulates materials, she offers various possibilities as to how we perceive them. Oscillating between the non-figurative and the figurative, they can be understood as forms that appear flat on the surface of a medium while having an impression of recessionary depth.