Galerie C Neuchâtel-Paris

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Espl. Leopold-Robert 1a
Neuchâtel 2000

Presentation of the gallery

Galerie C is an independent contemporary art space in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), created in 2011. In 2020, nine years after its creation, a second exhibition space opened in Paris, in the heart of the Marais. Designed as a continuation of its large Swiss space (about 400m2 of exhibition space), this antenna - smaller in size - is imagined as a project space. Emissary of the historic gallery, this Parisian location is, above all, an opportunity to offer the artists of Galerie C visibility within an internationally recognized art ecosystem.
Gallery C defends a humanistic and generous vision of art. She aspires to sincere exchanges with her audience and engages with her artists by collaborating closely with them and for them — through off-site exhibitions, publications, or by accompanying them in institutional exhibitions. Galerie C celebrates encounters and dialogue through a plurality of mediums and risk-taking, presenting authentic and singular universes established through approaches that seem to it above all fundamental. Manifest realities, dreamy lucidities and visionary gazes unite to move the seasons and the spirit of Galerie C.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Robin Wen explores the world of the "Free Party" and its customs, a youth in search of freedom. The artist's representations, often macroscopic, fragmented or even unreal, come from an initially documentary approach. He feeds his personal archive with images that he captures during these festive evenings, away from society. Using only the ballpoint pen, by superimposing layers of blue or colours, he renders these images with such precision that a tension emerges between strength and sensitivity, contemplation and sound noise. Absence becomes presence when his subjects, often anonymous, evoke a universe whose current codes are mixed with a certain nostalgia for older artistic movements. The artist thus offers a contemporary reinterpretation of genre painting, both realistic and imaginary, which reflects the search for a heterotopic place and the demands of today's youth.


Robin Wen — focus

Nicolas Darrot

Mathieu Dufois

Sabine Hertig

Alain Huck

Sophie Jodoin