Galerie DYS

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84, rue de l'Arbre Bénit
1050 Brussels

Presentation of the gallery

Galerie DYS is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2002 and based in Brussels. We offer a demanding, non-academic, expressive, dreamlike and inhabited figuration, and we particularly defend work on paper. We show the work of international, mostly emerging or mid-career artists.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Annabelle Guetatra's practice is fundamentally linked to paper and essentially focused on drawing. She works with oil paint, dry pastel, gouache, cutting and gluing silhouettes in pattern paper that she places at different planes and stages of her work, creating theatres full of games of disappearance and appearance. Her drawing practice is also available in three dimensions on wooden panels that she assembles by means of hinges, creating drawings that the viewer can manipulate, open and reveal as he wishes, in the manner of an altarpiece. The female body is central to her work, an active, moving, desiring female body, the body of an Indian goddess, a Breton goddess or a lover.


Annabelle Guetatra — focus

Maldo Nollimerg

Alexandra Duprez