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Presentation of the gallery

Gallery Martin Kudlek will focuss on the Greek artist Christos Venetis for Drawing Now 2024. Other figurative drawings by Franz Burkhardt, Gideon Kiefer and Simon Schubert will form a dialogue with the masterful pencil pieces of Venetis. In contrast two further abstact artists will be on show - one historic artist, the pioneer of paper and ZERO artist "Oskar Holweck" who was the first to use industrial paper as his artistic media from 1958 onwards and Katrin Bremermann with her waxed paper and varnish compositions.

Presentation of the artist in focus

The "Anemic Archives" series of drawings by Christos Venetis are drawings of the highest precision. They show real and imaginary scenes and still images from all areas of life, reminiscent of a black-and-white photo album or a silent documentary film. Executed in pencil on the inside of book covers, the book covers, whose original narrative content, the book pages, have been removed, become the medium for new stories: When the drawings are arranged in a row as an installation, the narrative threads that emerge are less linear and more associative and unconscious. The seemingly nostalgic ensemble of images develops a haunting, if not subversive undertone that sometimes painfully settles in our consciousness.