Galerie Maurits van de Laar

General Sector
Booth B7


Toussaintkade 49
The Hague 2513CL

Presentation of the gallery

The gallery, established in 1991 in The Hague, the Netherlands, focuses on art in which the artist's personal commitment emerges. The focus is on the drawings because the concepts and ideas are first conceived here. The direct and informal nature of the drawing makes the artist reveal himself the most in this medium. The painting presented in the gallery is mainly figurative, here too the personal is important in addition to the individual character or recalcitrance. Three-dimensional work has a frank personal formal language or experiments with new ways of inhabiting spaces and exploring natural processes. Added to this is the conviction that a gallery should also be a stage for experimentation. At least once a year, an artist completes an installation or project in a gallery.

Presentation of the artist in focus

In her work, Dan Zhu (1985) explores natural and biomorphic forms. switching from a macro to a micro level and using parallel perspectives that give her images movement and dynamics. Often her work has a dream like quality where a variety of things and events appear simultaneously. The work ‘Ears Speak’ in which she combines two senses, can be seen as an exemple of her sensitive and delicate approach to visualize hidden energies in the natural world. Five pairs of ears surrounded by butterfly shaped auras hover over a dynamic background. The connection between micro and macro is present in the large scale butterfly forms that are countered by the tiny spiral creatures with tentacles that move towards the ears.