Galerie du Jour agnès b.

General Sector
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6, place Jean-Michel Basquiat
75013 Paris

Presentation of the gallery

Agnès B., fashion designer and collector, opened the Galerie du Jour in 1984 opposite her first boutique, in front of the Saint-Eustache church, in a former butcher's shop in the Halles district of Paris. In 1996, the gallery expanded, moved to rue Quincampoix next to Beaubourg and finally moved to La Fab., agnès b. endowment fund in February 2020.

At the Galerie du Jour, it's all about elective affinities and vision. A true talent scout, agnès b. supports artists and young creators, regardless of style or medium, and its gallery features photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and street art. The Galerie du Jour offers a selection of exhibitions punctuated by meetings with artists and agnès b's favourites.

The Galerie du Jour was designed in cohabitation with the Librairie du Jour, which has always accompanied it. An art bookshop, it offers a cutting-edge selection of contemporary art as well as all the publications produced and supported by the Galerie du Jour and the agnès b endowment fund.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Exhibited in 2022 at the gallerie agnès b. boutique gallery in New York alongside his first retrospective at MoMA, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré 1923 - 2014, Ivory Coast) is famous for his small-format drawings depicting tales and symbols from his native Bété culture.

Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, philosopher, drawer and poet, is the inventor of the Bété alphabet, a syllabary made up of 448 signs reproduced on small cardboard sheets using ballpoint pens and coloured pencils. In the same format, he imagines different series of characters, poems and objects that surround him. Completed or left open, these series tell the colourful story of an artist who has become a benchmark of African drawing.