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Presentation of the gallery

Being interested in a wide range of different art practices we are particularly drawn to artistic examinations of colour, form and light and the negotiation of aesthetical aspects of contemporary art leading to a special engagement with contemporary interpretations of modernist concepts, often directly linked to aspects of today’s life and society. In order to be able to maintain close and personal relationships with the artists, we focus on artists living in Europe. The gallery represents 12 European artists. Three of them are Belgian and drawing is one of the main focuses of the program. We accompany and support them along their careers and their artistic journeys. Of particular importance is for us to provide them with the opportunity to develop their artistic strength by showing their work in gallery shows and well-prepared fair participations to a wide audience in whole Europe.

Presentation of the artist in focus

For the Drawing Now 2024 fair, Fabrice will show new work that has not yet been exhibited. Souvereyns flirt with vegetation patterns from landscapes that never fully taken place in reality, His own environment, but also existing paintings play an important role. In this way, after a search of forms, new scenes and settings arise that are almost accurately drawn in a noisy atmosphere. Fabrice draws with pencil and in patterns of abstract lines or line segments. Within separate fields a rhythm is established, a movement surges or a relief arises It takes a while before he or she detects the figurative elements in the drawings. Sometimes the artist decides to completely erase a drawing. By doing this he strips the drawing of its image After erasing the image, it becomes clear how deeply the pencil drawing was fused with its paper medium, pencil and paper were united.