Irène Laub

General Sector
Booth C9


29, rue Van Eyck
1050 Brussels

Presentation of the gallery

Since 2017, the Irène Laub gallery has been exhibiting artists based in its Brussels space and at a selection of international fairs. There are several generations of Belgian and international artists who are either presented solo to offer an immersion in the heart of their practice, or crossed with each other around themes related to landscape, architecture and intimate or political identities.
The artists represented offer a great diversity in the mediums addressed. The gallery is conceived as a space for experimentation, which allows them to test the boundaries of their chosen discipline, by experiencing the physical nature of the work and its place in space, or by exploring the relevance of their creations in the social sphere.
In 2018, the gallery moved into a new space and dedicated itself to the development of a demanding and ambitious exhibition program, aimed at promoting a productive dialogue between artists, curators and institutions.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Tatiana Wolska's multidisciplinary practice is characterized by organic growth and proliferation of forms. His drawings and sculptures, intimately linked in a constant dialogue, testify to a research on the sinuosity of curves, the emergence of organic elements and the hybridization of objects. Plastic bottles, discarded nails or recycled wood become the foundations of propagation and amplification mechanisms. His drawings always evoke the living in a plural way (plants, muscles, organs, hair, or micro-organisms) and place the question of the body at the center of his concerns. Through simple means and evocative gestures, Tatiana Wolska reinterprets the notion of reality at the limit of abstraction, flirting with the invisible and the intimate.