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38 Rue d'Antrain
Rennes 35000

Presentation of the gallery

Open since September 1986 with an exhibition by François Morellet, the Oniris gallery has become over time one of the essential places for contemporary art in Brittany.

For more than three decades, the history of the Oniris Gallery has revealed the particular attention paid to the study of contemporary art in the field of abstraction – through painting, drawing and sculpture – with a basic philosophy: to regularly exhibit the recent works of a group of thirty artists. The gallery represents nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Vera Molnar, Norman Dilworth, Aurelie Nemours, Geneviève Asse, Christian Bonnefoi, Alain Clément, Philippe Cognée, Jean-Pierre Pincemin or Claude Viallat and also others to be rediscovered.

For the past twelve years, Florent Paumelle has been running the gallery with the aim of respecting the relationship between the work of established artists and that of a young generation of emerging artists who share a common conceptual language.

Based in Rennes since day one, Oniris has built a solid reputation thanks to the successive presentations of its artists that the gallery regularly invites to solo exhibitions. Far from its base, the Oniris gallery has been regularly participating in international contemporary art fairs for nearly 30 years in Paris (Fiac, Drawing Now, Art Paris and Galeristes) and abroad (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and the United States).

After 37 years, the ambition of the Oniris gallery remains unchanged: to offer everyone an exhibition space with a physical place open to all in Rennes, free and friendly with a program of 6 to 8 exhibitions per year. And at the same time, to disseminate and defend the work of its artists via the possibilities offered by the internet. In the early 2000s, Oniris chose to adopt online solutions to promote the work of its artists beyond its geographical location.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Working on transparency and the flexibility of matter, Christian Bonnefoi's works assert themselves as artistic experiments in their own right.
Remaining unconditionally in abstraction, he develops an original and personal pictorial language, mixing forms and materials, disturbing all reference points.

From 2000 onwards, the painted tissue paper collages escaped the usual quadrangular frame to spread freely on the walls: the painting existed without its frame. Non-dogmatic, experimentation remains for the painter
Christian Bonnefoi is an open game, a field of investigation that is always questioned.


Christian Bonnefoi — focus

Philippe Cognée

Soo Kyoung Lee