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36, rue d'Enghien
75010 Paris

Presentation of the gallery

Founded in 2020, Parliament is the result of a desire to rethink the function of the art gallery, formulating new proposals around the process of interaction between the public and works of art, as well as offering visibility to a new generation of French and international artists.
Parliament wishes to build, through a programme that makes sense in the long term, a space dedicated to the circulation of ideas and collective reflection. The exhibition programme is interspersed with punctual "Interludes", archive exhibitions and retrospectives, aimed at putting into perspective the transdisciplinary nature of creation.

Presentation of the artist in focus

The human element is undoubtedly the central motif of Helmut Stallaerts' complex and vast oeuvre. Helmut Stallaerts' work has the power to generate a gaze into the mysteries of being; It also confronts us with a truth that remains obscure and undoes our own fictitious truths.

Helmut Stallaerts was born in 1982 in Brussels (Belgium). He studied at the University of St. Lukas in Brussels, Belgium and graduated in 2004 from the Düsseldorf School of Fine Arts (Germany). His work has been exhibited at the CAB in Brussels (Belgium), the Dhondt-Dhaenens Museum in Deurle
(Belgium), the Maison Rouge in Paris (France), the Ibid Projects gallery in London (United Kingdom), the Baronian Gallery in Brussels (Belgium), the Kunsthaus Zürich (Switzerland) and the Mori Museum in Tokyo (Japan).