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Figurative art and abstract art are often seen as opposites, so much so that for much of the Cold War, abstract art was seen as the flag of the free West, while social realism was the prescribed choice for artists behind the Iron Curtain. Yet, total abstraction is an impossibility, because it oscillates between the identifiable and the indefinable. There is always a trace or hint of figurative in the abstract, but similarly, figuration invariably has elements of abstraction. These elements are sometimes provided by nature itself, as in the work of Alice Maher. When the FRAC Poitou-Charentes asked Maher to make works of art hanging from the bridges of Poitiers, she made huge drawings of hair. They looked like waterfalls. The viewer's mind was encouraged to go its own way, in the same way that water or hair falls to the back of the head.


Alice Maher — focus

Sue Arrowsmith

Pierre Bergian

Jonathan Delafield Cook