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Presentation of the gallery

Founded in 2007 in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris before joining the Marais in 2011, Semiose has immediately established itself in the artistic landscape as a gallery with programming anchored in the margins. Nourished by underground cultures, it defends forms and ideas born in the political, social or geographical fringes.

The citational practice is a common reference point for the artists represented by the gallery and raises complex questions related to the production of images and their dissemination, the role and meaning of archives, visual culture in the broad sense. Semiose promotes an aesthetic based on questions of taste and, consequently, cultural hierarchies. The techniques of collage, appropriation and diversion are shared by most artists, hence a converging interest in representation, reference to reality and everyday life.

Young artists rub shoulders with historical figures or figures of international stature. Over time and through a patient professional network, institutions and public collections have forged unbreakable links with the artists promoted by the gallery. Semiose is also committed to the simple representation of artists: it fully plays its role in the art ecosystem with a scientific and curatorial approach. It ensures the production of works and ensures a rigorous documentary and archival work around the artists represented.

Semiose is also doubling its activities through a publishing house, Semiose Editions. Available internationally, more than a hundred titles have been published to date, including monographs, artists' books, writings and essays, a magazine and a collection of artists' colouring books.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Semiose focuses on artists Gert & Uwe Tobias, who revive a wide range of traditional image-making techniques and revive them with contemporary techniques. Their recent watercolours will be presented, as well as new collages and typewriter drawings. Their artistic practice is mainly influenced by the myths, crafts and vernacular motifs of their native Transylvania fused with motifs from popular culture, abstract art and contemporary graphic design. From this rich pictorial lexicon, they draw a varied body of work in which legendary tales, carnival figures and archaic elements are subjected to metamorphosis operations.
Born in 1973 in Romania, twins Gert and Uwe Tobias have been developing a collaborative practice since 2001. Produced by four hands, their work testifies to their perfect symbiosis.