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Presentation of the gallery

Located in New York's most vibrant art scene, TriBeca, Bienvenu Steinberg & C is an international contemporary art gallery that first opened in Chelsea in 2004. From emerging to established artists, our gallery is dedicated to presenting a diverse curatorial practice that encompasses a range of artistic expressions, from Latin American conceptualism to contemporary European art.

Presentation of the artist in focus

A group of austere figures, perhaps monks, with their heads covered in cloaks on their way to a pilgrimage, or a wild rock breaking the icy waves into bubbles, Peter Kim's rocky landscapes, strangely resembling human figures, do not answer any questions but raise them. . By following the artist's brushstrokes, at once fierce and delicate, the viewer finds themselves in the heart of the wilderness, becoming the wanderer of Caspard David Friedrich. Standing on a rocky precipice, lost in a thick layer of fog facing a sublime and baffling nature that stretches to infinity. Leaving us humble, Peter Kim's landscapes take us into an eternal contemplation of life, self-reflection and a swirl of emotions.