Talk "Collectionner le dessin contemporain" Modération par Joana P.R. Neves avec Francesca Bellini Joseph (Collectionneuse) et Grégory Lang (Art Advisor et commissaire indépendant)
Collectionner le dessin contemporain (en anglais) / Modération : Joana P.R. Neves avec Francesca Bellini Joseph (Collectionneuse) et Grégory Lang (Art Advisor et commissaire indépendant)

Discover the talks of the 15th edition


For the 15th anniversary edition, the Drawing Now Art Fair team is designing a program of talks inviting different personalities to discuss their approaches to contemporary drawing.


Artist interviews and round tables will allow the public to deepen their knowledge of an artist, a drawing practice or to look back on the 15 years of the fair. The talks were moderated in turn by Joana P.R. Neves, artistic director of the fair since 2018, curator and independent author as well as Philippe Piguet, art critic, independent curator and artistic director of the fair from 2010 to 2018. Pascal Neveux, director of Frac Picardie, a partner structure of Drawing Now Art Fair since 2021, also speaks during an artist interview.


All the talks - a program of meetings with international personalities - took place at the Espace Talks on level -1 of the Carreau du Temple. Each talk lasts 1 hour and will be found on our Youtube channel.


Hyperdrawing (in French)

Moderation: Joana P.R. Neves with Nathalie Chaix (Director of the Jenisch Museum, Vevey), Françoise Pétrovitch (Artist) and Barbara Soyer (Curator, co-founder and co-editor of The Drawer and coordinator of the XL Drawing Chair at the Beaux-Arts de Paris)

What happens when the drawing leaves the intimacy of the sheet? This year's curatorial theme is Hyperdrawing, namely, a drawing based on protocols, the body (of the artist or the viewer) and the exhibition space. Our guests have a theoretical, curatorial and artistic practice in this dimension of drawing, which they will expose through images and exchanges

Artist interview with Jean-Luc Verna (in French)

Moderation: Philippe Piguet

Born in 1966, Jean-Luc Verna considers drawing as a backbone that makes everything else stand: photography, cinema, music, tattooing. It is in the precisely elaborate gesture of the drawing that he was able to find a complex form, which is part of a process of folding of memory and emergence of the present.

The body of the drawing

Moderation: Joana P.R. Neves with Ludwig Seyfarth (Curator) and Katrin Ströbel (Artist)

What role does the body play in drawing? Is it only represented - imaged? But what about the drawing body, and that of the spectator? Our guests reflected on these questions, both from the point of view of the exhibition and the practice of drawing, but also from the point of view of his thought.

Artist interview with Anaïs Lelièvre (in French)

Moderation: Pascal Neveux (Director of Frac Picardie)

Born in 1982, Anaïs Lelièvre holds a DNSEP from the Rouen School of Art and a PhD from the University of Paris 1. Based on experiences of territories, his drawings restore transversal dynamics, oscillating from ceramics to installation, between scriptural concentration and monumental deployment, contextual inscriptions and nomadic fluctuations. Developing a spatial approach to drawing, his work has been developing in residence since the end of 2015, abroad and in France.

The comic book as a vector of teaching (in French)

Moderation: Joana P.R. Neves with Joann Sfar (Cartoonist and professor at the Beaux-Arts de Paris)

What can comics do in the teaching of art and drawing in particular? Joann Sfar is a workshop leader at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. This storyteller whose drawing practice is daily, shares his unique journey, as well as how his practice can bring a new freshness within artistic higher education.

Collecting contemporary drawings

Moderation: Joana P.R. Neves with Francesca Bellini Joseph (Collector) and Grégory Lang (Art Advisor and independent curator)

Collecting drawings, but also exhibiting or discovering them in galleries is a unique approach in the world of the art market. Our guests will detail their relationship to this innovative territory, from the perspective of the collection, but also from the market and galleries.

15 years already... So what about drawing? (in French)

Moderation: Philippe Piguet (historian and art critic, artistic director of Drawing Now Art Fair from 2010 to 2018) with Émilie Bouvard (scientific director of the Giacometti Foundation, Paris), Johana Carrier (curator and editorial director of Roven éditions), Marc Donnadieu (chief curator at the Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne) and Massinissa Selmani (artist)

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Drawing Now Art Fair, the purpose of this round table is to look back at the history of an institution that has greatly contributed to the renewed visibility of contemporary drawing in France. But also to highlight how drawing has developed over the last fifteen years with regard to different technical and societal paradigms, as well as to question its reception with collectors, whether institutional or private, and to measure the inflections of its market.

IN 2021


A privileged moment for the meeting of contemporary drawing professionals from all over the world, the fair gives the floor to speakers specialized in contemporary art around Talks and Artist Interviews. From performance to the place of women, through what drawing has to teach us, each year new themes complete our questions about this medium.

Enjoy this moment in video form with new illustrations.

The talks of the 2020 edition

Talk cinema: Around the work of William Kentridge

Talk: JoAnn Hickey, collector

Artist interview: Julien Tiberi, nominated for the Drawing Now Award 2020

Artist interview: Nicolas Daubanes, nominated for the Drawing Now Award 2020

Artist interview: Odonchimeg Davaadorj, nominated for the Drawing Now Award 2020

Artist interview: Mathieu Dufois, nominated for the 2020 Drawing Now Award

Artist interview: Delphine Gigoux-Martin, nominated for the 2020 Drawing Now Award

The talks of the 2019 edition

Artist interview: Marianne Mispelaëre

Artist interview: Jorinde Voigt

Talk: ACTION! – The performance drawing

Talk: What can drawing teach us?

Artist interview: Martial Raysse

Talk: tribute to Pierrette Bloch

Talk: The Female Monster

Talk: The Politics of Drawing: Us & Them

Talks from previous editions