Action! : Performing drawing

Drawing is often seen as a performative art, a practice of endurance and physical effort, but also of capture on the spot. Thus, he willingly associates himself with dance, artistic conference, activism, music...

Experimental, this exchange in duration and in a specific place includes the graphic trace of an act or thought in motion as a visual measure, sometimes ephemeral, of an almost imponderable experience.

During performances, or recordings of drawing actions, graphic tools reinvent themselves and different practices dilate. The serpentine line to the written word, the word, the musical interpretation, the danced gesture, the topography - in the transient space of art. Traits, papers, diagrams, dance, play, scream, think - the time of a performance.

Joana P. R. Neves, Artistic Director


Program 2020

Wednesday, March 25
  • 4.30pm - Odonchimeg Davadoorj

Level -1 / all day

Saturday, March 30
To see every day on the show

Artists invited to perform

List of artists invited to perform at the heart of the show by Joana P. R. Neves:

  • Odonchimeg Davadoorj
  • Thorsten Streichardt,
  • Elsa Werth


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