The Drawing Now Prize

The Drawing Now Prize - since 2011 - supports an artist and salutes the work of his gallery. The winner receives an endowment of 5,000 euros and benefits from a solo exhibition at the Drawing Lab, a private art center dedicated to contemporary drawing, thanks to the support of SOFERIM, main sponsor of Drawing Now Art Fair. The goal is to encourage the work of a mid-career designer, which is a complex moment for creation.

The winner of the DRAWING NOW Prize 2021

Photo 09-06-2021 18 47 02

© Jean Picon, Say Who, Cool Hunt Paris

Photo 09-06-2021 18 32 33

© Jean Picon, Say Who, Cool Hunt Paris

Born in 1983 in France
Lives and works in Perpignan, France

Nicolas Daubanes has been working around the prison world (drawings, installations, videos) from immersive residencies in remand prisons for nearly 10 years. From his drawings with iron filings to monumental installations of sugar-sabotaged concrete, Nicolas Daubanes is interested in the combined moment of suspension and fall: it is a question of seeing before the fall, before the ruin, the vital momentum.

The Drawing Now Prize aims to support emerging creation and highlight the role of galleries, it rewards the work of an artist on the occasion of Drawing Now Art Fair. This prize is financially supported by SOFERIM, the main sponsor of the fair since its creation. The Drawing Now Prize, which could not be awarded in 2020, was awarded on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 5 p.m.

Discover the exhibition Le Chiffre Noir by Nicolas Daubanes from January 29 to March 4, 2022 at the Drawing Lab located at 17 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris: more

Nominees for the 2020 Drawing Now Prize postponed to 2021

Nicolas Daubanes represented by Galerie Maubert

Nicolas Daubanes Prison Saint-Michel, Toulouse Dessin mural à la poudre d’acier aimantée, 200 x 280 cm, 2019,.site

Nicolas Daubanes, Prison Saint-Michel, Toulouse, wall drawing with magnetic steel powder, 200 x 280 cm, 2019, View of the exhibition Confinement- Politics of Space and Bodies, CAC Cincinnati, 2019

Odonchimeg Davaadorj represented by Backslash Gallery

DAVAADORJ-Coexsistere 2-detail-v1

Odonchimeg Davaadorj, Coexistere 2 (detail), 2019, ink on paper and perforation, 21 x 29.7 cm, Odonchimeg Davaadorj & Backslash

Mathieu Dufois represented by
Gallery C

© Mathieu Dufois, Hors vue 14, dessins à la pierre noire, 16,5 x 25 cm, 2019. Courtesy Galerie

© Mathieu Dufois, Hors vue 14, drawings with black stone, 16.5 x 25 cm, 2019, Courtesy Galerie C

Delphine Gigoux-Martin represented by Galerie Claire Gastaud

1.Delphine Gigoux Martin, Les bois brûlés, 2019, fusain et gomme sur bois, ensemble 250 x120 cm 2

Delphine Gigoux-Martin, Les bois brûlés, 2019, charcoal and gum on wood, set 250 x 120 cm

Julien Tiberi represented by Galerie Semiose

JT 0312 plE1

Julien Tiberi, Symphonic Lava, 2019, ink on paper, 17.5 x 12cm, Courtesy the artist and Semiose

This year, 5 artists were chosen in advance by the Prize selection committee:

  • Nicolas Daubanes, born in 1983 / represented by Galerie Maubert
  • Odonchimeg Davaadorj, Mongolian, born in 1990 / represented by Backslash Gallery
  • Mathieu Dufois, French, born in 1984 / represented by Galerie C
  • Delphine Gigoux-Martin, French, born in 1972 / represented by Galerie Claire Gastaud
  • Julien Tiberi, French, born in 1979 / represented by Galerie Semiose

Members of the Selection Committee

The members of the Drawing Now Prize Committee establish the list of the 5 nominated artists out of the 100 eligible artists presented at the show.

This committee is made up of the members
of the Salon's selection committee:
Joana P.R. Neves, Emilie Bouvard, Anita Haldemann, Catherine Hellier du Verneuil, Pascal Neveux, Philippe Piguet, Daniel Schildge, Annabelle Ténèze and the main patron of the Prize - SOFERIM represented by Jean Papahn, founder and president.

During the DRAWING NOW Art Fair, which takes place in March each year, the committee meets after seeing the work of the 5 artists nominated on the stands of the galleries to choose the winner.


• 2011: Catherine Melin, represented by Galerie Isabelle Gounod

• 2012: Clément Bagot, represented by Galerie Eric Dupont

• 2013: Didier Rittener, represented by Galerie Lange + Pult

• 2014: Cathryn Boch, represented by Galerie Claudine Papillon

• 2015: Abdelkader Benchamma, represented by FL GALLERY

• 2016: Jochen Gerner, represented by Galerie anne barrault

• 2017: Lionel Sabatté, represented by Galerie C

• 2018: Michail Michailov, represented by Galerie Projektraum Viktor Bucher

• 2019: Lucie Picandet, represented by Galerie Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois

• 2020-2021: Nicolas Daubanes, represented by Galerie Maubert


Lucie Picandet,represented by Galerie Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois


Michail Michailov, Galerie Projektraum Viktor Bucher


Lionel Sabatte, Gallery C


Jochen Gerner, Anne Barrault