Adrián Ibáñez Galeria

Tabio, Cundinamarca, Colombia
+ 57 3124174747


Adrián Ibáñez Gallery presents a selection of works from the Colombian artist Andres Layos and Javier Caraballo. Each artist, in their way, appropriates and gives a high value to childhood symbols and gestures. In this selection of their work, we explore the instinct and innocence (naïvité) in kids’ art creation. Andres Layos’ drawings come from collaborative work with his young daughter. Their drawings are created in an exercise that questions authorship and contrasts the adult and childhood world. In collaboration with Valentina (his daughter), this series is born from personal experience and the opportunity of ‘Growing up together’. Javier Caraballo’s work is inspired by the way children create and the history of art. Set in the boundary between drawing and painting, his work combines high skill techniques with naive gestures that give new meanings to historical artworks. Caraballo uses appropriation in several of his series as a fundamental tool to portray his work critically. Thus, his work changes the primary context and objectifies the work redefining and postulating new critical possibilities of art heritage.