Galerie Catherine Putman

40 rue Quincampoix  75004 Paris
+33 (0)1 45 55 23 06


On the occasion of Drawing Now 2020, the Galerie Catherine Putman will focus on Carmen Perrin’s recent works. Important Swiss artist of bolivian origin, for the past ten years, in parallel with her sculpture work and her interventions in public space, she has developed an important drawing practice. The close link between the two practices is a central element in Carmen Perrin’s oeuvre, which focuses on the creation of tension. Carmen Perrin’s drawings are based on a process that is intrinsically linked to a technique, which is often repetitive and sometimes almost choreographed, in which the notion of physical and optical strength is omnipresent. Powder, tracing cord, pencil, hot glue are all tools she uses to put forward the idea of drawing as a result of a movement that comes to freeze in the space of the support. In resonance with the works of Carmen Perrin, the gallery will present selected works by Bernard Moninot, Keita Mori and Georges Rousse, making the drawing emerge with different materials and questioning the link between drawing and projection in space. A dialogue can be established between the drawings of these four artists whose work is of great technical rigour and poetic quest.