Galerie Réjane Louin

19 Rue de l’Église, 29241 Locquirec
+33 (0)6 60 17 54 53


 The Galerie Réjane Louin makes the choice to present in retrospective form 50 years of drawings by Claude Briand-Picard.

Since the 1970s, Claude Briand-Picard experiments in his drawings the materiality of the world through the use of everyday objects.

Sheets of tracing paper, cardboard boxes, newspaper pages, wallpapers, plastic stickers, tapes, etc. are his favorite materials as well as cotton swabs, stoppers, plastic bags, matches, vegetables, paper towels, plates cardboard etc …

“Taking cottons for example and using them as tools as well as materials to make a drawing is to build a continuity between a daily object and an artistic gesture but it is also” seeing “what surrounds us. It is a matter of establishing an equivalence between the common character of this object and a simple use, an artistic gesture that does not distort the object any more than it transfigures it “

Claude Briand-Picard obtains through the diversity of tools and materials used singular and sensitive drawings. An inventive, unusual journey, a reflection on our environment.