Jennifer Lauren Gallery


The Jennifer Lauren Gallery supports self-taught, evolving and emerging artists to gain recognition and respect within the contemporary art world and is delighted to invite you to visit
their booth where they will be presenting the work of two UK- based self-taught artists: Kate Bradbury (b.1961) and Chris Neate (b.1954). Both work in black and white, presenting intricate details within their drawings.

Bradbury has been creating works in London, on a roll of Chinese paper that she found left by the previous homeowners, since 2003. Each drawing tells a story plucked from her imagination that she intuitively works on day and night at her kitchen table. Bradbury learns through trial and error, experimentation and by observations of how others work.

During the 1970’s Chris Neate attended Art College in Leeds but never completed a foundation course nor did he feel he was given any formal training. Whilst creating, Neate has no plan of what will appear on the page, with his work being described as ‘automatic drawing.’ Working from intuition, his drawings ow freely onto board and Neate can lose himself in his pieces for hours, with each one taking up to ten days to complete.