Jennifer Lauren Gallery


The Jennifer Lauren Gallery is making its debut at the Drawing Now Art Fair and is delighted to introduce two self-taught artists – Kate Bradbury (b.1961) from the UK and Shinya Fuji (b.1969) from Northern Japan.

Bradbury has been creating works in London since 2003. She is a prolific creator of a diverse range of artworks. From detailed ink scribblings over a metre in length to sculptural twirling dervishes made from found objects, her style of work is ever changing. Intuitively working day and night, Bradbury creates her pieces losing all sense of time, getting lost in the details of her drawings or sculptures.

Fujii drew as a child and only returned to drawing when his father passed away in 2007. Whilst listening to music, Fujii creates his works on brown Kraft paper with fine line ink from a narrow-nib pen. The patterns he creates weave together to make robots, insects, plants and figures. He draws for a maximum of an hour a day, with each drawing often taking several months to complete.

The Jennifer Lauren Gallery launched in May 2017, supporting self-taught and disabled artists to gain recognition within the art world.