Julien Creuzet, Maïs Chaud Marlboro (still), VR video, 2018
Courtesy of the artist


« C’est l’étrange, j’ai dû partir trop longtemps,
le lointain, mon chez moi est dans mes rêves-noirs.
C’est l’étrange, des mots étranglés, dans la noyade.
J’ai hurlé seul dans l’eau, ma fièvre (…)
Sera le titre de l’exposition de Julien Creuzet ou pas »
– from February 18th to May 12th 2019 –

The title is the beginning of a poem, a first-person litany, of a voice that soon doubles up and multiplies. It’s also the title of Julien Creuzet’s solo show at the Palais de Tokyo, or not.

This exhibition will come alive in the form of secular pop songs. A deep-sea landscape in a plastic pool. An unaccentuated rhyme illuminated by a bluish light, turning around on itself. A parrot glitching with a guitar on its foot. A melodic meandering along jagged shores. A ragman’s stall t the market at Croix-de-Chavaux. A breath and a riff. A choreographic score derived from a Dogon ceremony. Sirius B rotating to the beats of Afro-house. Caroline zié-loli, Papa Djab, Napoleon Bonaparte and Joséphine’s severed head. A cockfight arena on Place de la République. A hairless dog with iron-coloured pixelate flesh both a wily spirit and a conveyer between worlds. Or not.

13, avenue du Président Wilson, 75 116 Paris