Nosbaum Reding

4 Rue Wiltheim, 2733 Luxembourg
+352 2811251


In this series of drawings by Aline Bouvy, the same person is photographed over a period of several years asleep in the early morning. Framing focuses on body and face fragments. The moment of shooting should not wake the person. A profile, a fragment of the ear or a hand are then drawn by pencil on paper at different dimensions. The light in the drawings is introduced speculative.
The space where the drawings are presented is intimate. Painted with salmon pink, it evokes a bedroom whose zigzag cord invites o closer look. Faience facsimiles punctuate the space and reinforce the illusion of intimacy. Finally, impressions, posters are opposed to the drawings, offering clues about the people represented. By mixing photographic images and a series of drawings, of which the models are photographs, Aline Bouvy questions the images, themselves questions images and the relationship between images, models and photographs.