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Christabel MacGreevy (b. 1991, London) studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and recently graduated from Royal Drawing School, London. Macgreevy is known for a bold drawing practice with an emphasis on pattern, colour and graphic lines, which lends itself to an expanded practice which includes collage, printmaking, textiles and more recently, sculpture. MacGreevy explores ideas of memory, identity and the human inclination to transform the significance of the inanimate object into a personal shrine.

Her latest body of work explores the figurative in a private setting.  Drawing upon a voyeuristic domestic intimacy reminiscent of Pierre Bonnard and David Hockney – MacGreevy explores the menial nature of an everyday shared space such as the bedroom or the bathroom, where repeated daily activities are played out.  Moreover, these spaces are the all too familiar, and arguably absurd, backdrop to a prolific selfie culture.  Macgreevy establishes a tension between the human figure and the human presence that inhabits an empty room, focussing on details such as the discarded damp towel, a wet toothbrush and the unmade bed.  Concentrating on these fleeting moments, Macgreevy seeks poetic humour in the mundane or domestic to reflect the fragility or strength of what binds two people together in a personal space and draws our attention to the human trace as an unavoidable type of mark making.