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FP, Nocturne bleu

Françoise Petrovich, Nocturne, 2017, aquatinte in blue, 66 x 50 cm, edition MEL Publisher

© BnF, Department of Prints and Photography

Françoise Petrovich. Françoise Pétrovitch. Derrière les paupières
April 28 -26 July 2020

The National Library of France highlights the work of Françoise Pétrovitch, through an exhibition dedicated to her graphic and print work. From his first engravings in the late 1980s to the most recent research, his protean work questions with as much subtlety as asharpness the world of childhood and adolescence, femininity or even intimacy; Navigating between interiority and externality, anxiety and lightness, strength and fragility, the artist questions the ways of being in the world. His singular line crisscrosses the in-between and tells the duality of existences.


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BnF I François-Mitterrand

Quai François-Mauriac, Paris XIIIe

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