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A landscape is a system of interrelated paces, an interpretable text, temporality, history, a narrative. Whenever we reproduce a landscape or nature, we make a statement about the difference between the perception and the existence of an object.
In a semantic shift, Letizia Werth integrates the natural landscape into the emotional landscape, and the elements that constitute this landscape are transposed into a suggestive and very personal pictorial cartography - a gesture that undoubtedly implies a reinvention of nature.
Werth's landscapes do not have to be apprehended directly, they are already present in the mind as allegories.
The mind is the real "terra incognita": Where the inner landscape verges on the outer landscape, where the tangible and the inapprehensible meet, and where the image and the allegory merge is where Letizia Werth's images are created - as a result of precise observation, intuitive experimentation and the elimination of the unnecessary. They reflect the reality in our head much more precisely than the "real" nature out there.


Letizia Werth

montain 2017
montain montain 2017 montain waterfall waterfall

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