Archéocètes 03.

Archaeocetes 03 - 2019, 71 x 48 cm, Black stone drawing © Mathieu Dufois

« Dans l’ombre le monde commence »
Mathieu Dufoi
February 14 - June 7, 2020

Through the various mediums that he links to the practice of drawing, Mathieu Dufois works on memory and resistance of images. He explores the "ghost images" that cross time and confront us with our own memories. In 2018, the CCC OD invited the artist to stay in Egypt as part of a residency at the Fayoum Art Center.

This exhibition extends this immersion in the oasis of Fayum and in the light of the Egyptian desert. An outstanding inspiration for this artist who considers drawing in an almost archaeological approach.


Garden François 1st, 37000 Tours

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