Hofweg 6
Hambourg 22085


Located in a Wilhelminian style apartment building, Drawing Room offers a platform for exhibitions of a more intimate and personal format. In the private setting of a drawing room, visitors are encouraged to have an intensive encounter with current artistic positions from a wide range of genres aided by regular exhibition introductions or artist’s talks by museum experts and curators. The gallery’s programme focuses on artistic practices referencing conceptual art and minimalism, showing national and international emerging artists as well as mid-career and established artists, alternating solo exhibitions and curated group presentations.

For the 16th edition of DRAWING NOW art fair, Drawing Room (Hamburg) shows a selection of nonrepresentational works on paper by the artist Nora Schattauer. The artist generates a systematically drawn construction plan, by utilising forces of nature (expansion / delimitation) in a manner that transcends the conventional genre boundaries. Her newly proven technique using mineral solutions, the behaviour (and interactions) of which she is exploring, combine the grid’s mathematical regularity with the open, process-oriented, associative, and transparent nature of the blot. This often gives the drawn works a fluid character; the artist herself speaks of “controlled accident”. The pipette-applied liquids often also change colour during the working process. By penetrating into the pictorial support, they gain visual depth, and thus become a kind of physical resonance surface.


Nora Schattauer (Focus)