7 rue Saint-Claude
Paris 75003


Installed in the Marais district in 2006, rue Saint-Claude, the Alain Gutharc gallery continues its work of supporting artists both through regular monographic exhibitions and through their presentation in contexts outside the gallery. Faithful to the idea that a work of art is built up over the years and cannot be summed up in a passing fad, this role of accompaniment seems essential to us. By this approach, traditional in all respects, of the role of the gallery owner, we believe that we contribute to the diversity of proposals and therefore to the questions that are the mirror of our time. The gallery thus pursues its quest to discover young artists by allowing them to have their first exhibitions and by confronting their work with that of artists whose quality of reflection is recognized. At a time when art fairs are becoming essential to the dynamics of the art world, the gallery remains the privileged place where collectors or simple amateurs can share their feelings at the pace necessary for discovery. In parallel to the presentation of visual artists, and this since 1999, the gallery wished to develop a "Design" sector which opens and widens the reflection on our world by the setting in comparison of fields which seem close and complementary to us. While a certain confusion of genres has taken hold of the world of design, we try to demonstrate through exhibitions, either monographic or thematic, the proximity and the distances between these two modes of expression.


Suzanne Husky (focus)

Edi Dubien

Kris Knight

Romuald Jandolo