Volksgartenstrasse 10
Cologne 50677


The Werner Klein Gallery is one of Germany's leading galleries specializing in drawing. In 2020, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the gallery.

In 2023, we present a selection of German artists who are inspired by nature. The concentrated artist Karoline Bröckel makes visible the dynamics in nature, like the branches displaced by the wind. The perception of the flight of a swallow, the path of an ant or the search movements of bumblebees and bees in lavender becomes a line on paper. Löhr divides with pencil or oil pen the space of the paper, linked to the natural veins of the leaves. Majer-Wallat takes the German word Stempel for the female part of the flower literally and applies ink to the paper with the fresh parts of the poppies. Tucholski depicts dandelions, the flowers of his childhood, as well as individual herbs. Weihrauch draws in the manner of an old master rather discreet things such as bark, roots or beetles.


Karoline Bröckel (Focus)

Christiane Löhr

Maja Majer-Wallat

Barbara Camilla Tucholski

Christian Weihrauch