51 rue des archives
Paris 75003


Since its inception, the Anne Barrault Gallery has been committed to young artists. It has presented numerous first solo exhibitions - Tiziana la Melia, Stéphanie Saadé, Guillaume Pinard, or Jochen Gerner - while inviting established artists such as Daniel Spoerri or Roland Topor.

In 2021, the young artist Neïla Czermak Ichti will present her first solo exhibition at the gallery. And in 2022, Liv Schulman and Rayane Mcirdi.

In twenty years of existence, the Anne Barrault Gallery has never ceased to forge links between different disciplines, such as with the architect Yona Friedman, whom it invited to exhibit, or the writer Pacôme Thiellement, who curated the show, and today Marie Losier, a filmmaker, who will present her first exhibition.

The gallery also accompanies the artists in the realization of their book(s) in collaboration with different publishers. Thus, the monograph of Neïla Czermak Ichti, and that of Marie Losier have just been published.
Regularly, the gallery invites an independent curator to present an original proposal in its space: in 2017 Franck Balland organized an exhibition of Tiziana La Melia, and Marie de Brugerolle curated a group show entitled "Cassoni, Peintures-boîtes" in 2022.