Delphine Gigoux-Martin’s worlds are intermediate spaces, thresholds, passages, between the different levels of organization and perception of the world, between dream and reality, spirit and matter, nature and culture, the world of the living and that of the dead. Drawing is his tool: in its simplest form but also in walldrawing, cartoons or tapestries and ceramics. Delphine Gigoux-Martin designs the project for Drawing now in this inventive porosity that explores unsuspected paths of drawing. “In the register of the installation, which involves video, drawing, object and subject of the bestiary, the central preoccupation of my work seeks to produce a permanent tension between the elements and their frames of evolution. This developed energy proposes a language, which is not a unilinear approach, but made of constant ruptures, complex shifts that offer a tension that is sometimes lightened or tinged with black humour. These works decline ambivalences, dualities, junctions or opposition that are the fundamental keys to my artistic research and place us in the face of the paradoxes of our contradictory instincts”