27 rue Saint-Pierre
Senlis, Picardie, France 60300

+33 7 88 72 15 68

Created in 2019, Galerie F.'s mission is to disseminate and accompany artists to their markets. As a "passer de mémoire", it intends to create links between artists and the actors of a cultural and social economy in movement by means of multiple tools and platforms of diffusion (exhibitions, fairs, shows, partnerships). As a commercial extension of Estelle Francès' commitment to artists for more than 20 years, the gallery benefits from her expertise and her varied networks. Its vocation is accessibility, that of the market for young graduate artists, that of the works for amateurs. Accompaniment is therefore at the heart of its mission.

Installed in a house in the historic heart of Senlis, it systematically proposes curated exhibitions with an intimate approach, favoring encounters and the possibility of deepening one's knowledge, but also that of giving in to the pleasure of acquiring a work and supporting an artist.

In parallel to its program of 4 to 5 exhibitions per year, Galerie F. participates in fairs, notably Drawing Now Art Fair 2022.