22 rue saint claude
paris 75003


Created in 1998, at 13 rue Jarente in Lyon, the Olivier Houg Gallery was first dedicated to contemporary painting
of artists from Lyon as well as the promotion of many young emerging artists.
The gallery has also organized exhibitions in French premiere, of artists of very diverse geographical horizons and participated (a first for a gallery in Lyon) in
and participated (a first for a Lyon-based gallery) in the FIAC, and in numerous international fairs, thus making the name of Lyon shine in the major art market
the major art markets.
In 2015, with the arrival of Romain Houg as co-artistic director, the company decided to leave the Lyon area, while preserving the privileged networks
established for more than 15 years, became an economic necessity in order to take part in the national art scene and its market.
Today, the gallery is located at n°22 rue Saint Claude in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, and has turned essentially to
towards the young contemporary creation.
Recently, the Houg gallery has taken the defense of the estate of the French artist Marie Bourget (1952-2016), through monographic exhibition
at the gallery but also outside the walls as the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris scheduled March 2023.


Thomas Henriot (focus)

Lucien Roux

Cha-Youn Ha

Marie Bourget

Jeanne Révay