22, rue du Bac
Paris 75007

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Galerie Jean Fournier is one of the oldest Parisian galleries of modern and contemporary art still in operation today. Since Jean Fournier's death in 2006, the gallery has been involved with mainly French artists born in the 1960s, who have perpetuated a history of engagement with abstraction and color. But it is for less than ten years now that a new identity has been forged with new artists for whom abstraction is no longer thought of as being in opposition to figuration and for whom painting today is looked at in terms of its capacity to make an image. Also, for each of these artists, the drawing holds a dominating place in their approach that they consider as an autonomous means of expression.

The gallery's documentary collection is made up of photographic and epistolary documents that bear witness to the many exchanges between Jean Fournier and the artists, and also to the various projects that have taken place throughout the gallery's history. The gallery regularly lends its archives and its collection for major national and international exhibitions.

Our participation in fairs in France and Europe is an extension of this double aspect, historical and contemporary. With meticulous care to the hanging, each work is chosen for its potentiality to dialogue with the others exhibited on the different stands.


Gilgian Gelzer (Focus)

Dominique De Beir

Claude Viallat

Shirley Jaffe

Frédérique Lucien

Peter Soriano

Caroline Rennequin