101 rue du Temple
Paris 75003

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Miyu is an independent animation production and distribution company, awarded in the most important festivals, founded in 2009 by Emmanuel-Alain Raynal and co-directed since 2015 by Emmanuel-Alain Raynal and Pierre Baussaron. In 2022, they co-founded Galerie Miyu and were joined by Delphine Duroy who took over the direction of the gallery.

Galerie Miyu is the first physical gallery dedicated to the arts and techniques of animation in the world and aims to be a bridge between animation artists and contemporary artists. The objective of the gallery
is both to offer a space to promote the plastic work of animation filmmakers, but also to include animated techniques in the History of Contemporary Art at a time when more and more visual artists are working in the field.
to seize the possibilities offered by these techniques in their work.

Miyu thus becomes a global label to diffuse and reflect the talent of the world's animation filmmakers who have developed a plastic and visual work around drawing, sculpture, painting, installation and video.
installation and video art using animation techniques. The gallery is also intended to be open to all and is a place of creation and meeting for artists in the field of contemporary creation who
would like to seize the techniques of the animation for their works via an accompaniment of production and monstration.


Florent Morin (Focus)

Alice Saey

Rachel Gutgarts

Cyril Pedrosa