11 Church Street
London NW8 8EE


Patrick Heide Contemporary Art was born out of a project space on Church Street in London, Patrick Heide Art Projects, which was opened in 2004 and featured an international repertoire of artists that later formed the basis of the gallery's programme. In the summer of 2007, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art was founded in order to continue part of the already established program and to complement and strengthen it with a selection of new artists.

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art supports an international range of emerging and mid-career artists, as well as a selection of graduates and young artists featured in the "Breeder" section of the programme.

Although spanning areas such as conceptual and digital art, the gallery's core curriculum devotes much of its attention to drawing and works on paper, a medium that founder Patrick Heide has been passionate about since the beginning.

In an attempt to reveal the underlying patterns of human society, the gallery's program hopes to present artistic statements that are visually, sensually, and intellectually stimulating. The gallery aims to show formally coherent, technically accomplished, socially relevant and spiritually charged art, offering a rather timeless alternative to an art world that is often theoretical, introspective and addicted to money, marketing and fashion.

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art hopes to highlight artistic statements that are interested in the condition of the mind, nature and human nature, its urbanization and transformation to finally reveal the connection between the physical world and the metaphysical world.


Rebecca Salter (focus)

Barbara Nicholls

Sophie Bouvier Ausländer

Thomas Müller