Our 2020 presentation at Drawing Now is designed as a dialogue between emerging and established artists questioning their individual experiences and various different themes in an international context, coming together in our stand as a place of questioning and reflection. Young Lebanese-American artist Daniele Genadry, emerging Isreali artist Amir Nave, Beninese artist Dominique Zinkpè, Dutch artist Marcel Van Eeden and French artist Bruno Perramant each mediate upon the individual’s position in the world and society, whether from the perspective of the human body and its expressive and emotional vicissitudes in Nave’s and Zinkpè’s drawing practice, reflection regarding the collective visual memory of a society in Van Eeden’s work or through distanced contemplation of the natural world in Daniele Genadry’s panoramic representation of landscapes collected in her travels and experiences in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.