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For the 14th edition of Drawing Now, Loeve&Co pays tribute to Sarah Kaliski (1941-2010), a Belgian artist with Jewish Polish roots, presenting a selection of never-before-seen drawings that were executed from the 1990s until her death in 2010 in Paris.

It will be a unique opportunity to show this powerful, dreamy and radical body of work to the general public, in the midst of a renewed interest in her production. Her work bears the lasting traces of the Holocaust and illuminates the proximity of suffering and pleasure.

Since the 1990s, Sarah Kaliski has explored the creative possibilities of the drawing medium and paper in general. She multiplied artistic endeavors: drawings on reclaimed material, stage decors, book illustrations (notably for Éditions Fata Morgana), paintings and installations.

This show proposal follows a first solo exhibition of Sarah Kaliski (« Quel est ton nom, petite? Sarah Kaliski ») at Loeve&Co in September 2019. Her work was enthusiastically received by a wide and varied audience. It was met with surprise, awe, and a deep-seated emotion, bringing to the forefront of our consciousness the salient points of our collective memory.



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