Patrice Trigano Gallery

4bis rue des Beaux-ArtsParis 75006France +33146341501 After having defended Surrealist Art, Abstraction of the 1950s, Pop Art and New Realism, the gallery now exhibits great masters of the 20th century such as Chagall, Hundertwasser, Matisse, Miro, and internationally renowned living artists such as Philippe Hiquily, Mel Ramos, Chu Teh Chun, Lucien Clergue, Allen … Read more


28 rue MazelleMetz 57000France +33 06 76 95 44 09 Founded in 2011 in Metz, Modulab develops tools for dissemination: exhibitions, publications, art editions and is committed to the artists it supports. The gallery strengthens and brings together in this collective project, the skills, operating methods and tools necessary to make visible the … Read more

Analix Forever

10 Gothard Street1225 Chêne-Bourg, Switzerland +41 22 860 03 72 Founded in 1991 in Geneva by Barbara Polla, Analix Forever is an extraordinary gallery, deploying its projects within its walls as well as abroad, favoring collaborations and co-elaborations with many actors in the art world. The discovery and valorization of young creation are … Read more

Bessières Gallery

3 Rue du BacChatou 78400France 0675628333 The Bessières Contemporary Art Gallery is proud to present for several years a program of exhibitions and events that highlights artists from many countries. Now firmly involved in a creative partnership at the very heart of a cultural space that is part of the history of pictorial … Read more

110 Galerie

110 rue Saint HonoréParis 75001France 01 42 33 78 98 Located between the Louvre and the Bourse de Commerce, the 110 Galerie opened its doors on June 2, 2022. The gallery highlights, at the rate of 10 exhibitions per year, the French contemporary art scene. A demanding and equal artistic line that will … Read more

Provost-Hacker Gallery

40 RUE VOLTAIRELILLE 59000France +33646250054 The Provost Hacker Gallery was founded in 2010 in the old town of Lille. Within its three addresses, the gallery is specialized in contemporary art and focuses today on emerging French and Belgian artists. For this Drawing Now 2023, we propose a duo show of two photographers, visual … Read more

Gallery F

27 rue Saint-PierreSenlis, Picardie, France 60300France +33 7 88 72 15 68 Created in 2019, Galerie F.’s mission is to disseminate and accompany artists to their markets. As a “passer de mémoire”, it intends to create links between artists and the actors of a cultural and social economy in movement by means of … Read more


7 rue Notre-Dame-de-NazarethParis 75003France +33685622953 AFIKARIS is a young contemporary art gallery created in 2018 by Florian Azzopardi, which promotes emerging artists whose life and work Africa has influenced. From young talents to already renowned artists, AFIKARIS fosters many views on contemporary Africa in its different facets. The goal is to bring all … Read more


Toplicin Venac 14/9Belgrade 11000Serbie +33670653256 HESTIA (gr. /ˈhɛstiə/, Ἑστία – “hearth, fireplace, altar”): in ancient Greek religion and mythology, goddess of the hearth, domesticity, architecture, family, and state. As an independent visual arts space, we operate at the intersection of a commercial gallery and an art residence that includes an extensive library for … Read more

Galerie Miyu

101 rue du TempleParis 75003France 09 84 55 01 45 Miyu is an independent animation production and distribution company, awarded in the most important festivals, founded in 2009 by Emmanuel-Alain Raynal and co-directed since 2015 by Emmanuel-Alain Raynal and Pierre Baussaron. In 2022, they co-founded Galerie Miyu and were joined by Delphine Duroy … Read more