7-5 Malaya PolyankaMoscou 119180Fédération Russe +7 495 978 32 13 contact@iragui.com https://iragui.com Iragi is a contemporary art gallery located in the center of Moscow. Founded in 2011 by Ekatherina Iragui, it is committed to drawing attention to contemporary Russian art. It presents a multidisciplinary program with a particular focus on conceptual work. The gallery contributes … Read more

Rue de la Tulipe, 31A et Rue de la Tulipe, 35ABruxelles 1050Belgique +32 479 58 46 60 info@archiraar.com https://www.archiraar.com Founded in 2012 by architect Alexis Rastel, Archiraar Gallery represents international artists of the emerging generation and collaborates with curators. In a brutalist building in Brussels, its two complementary spaces host echoing projects. The white cube … Read more

11 Church StreetLondon NW8 8EERoyaume-Uni +442077245548 info@patrickheide.com https://www.patrickheide.com Patrick Heide Contemporary Art was born out of a project space on Church Street in London, Patrick Heide Art Projects, which was opened in 2004 and featured an international repertoire of artists that later formed the basis of the gallery’s programme. In the summer of 2007, Patrick … Read more