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Extrait (tôle, choc) Contre-Attaque, 2016

Exhibition view, "Le Nouveau Monde Industriel " GALLERIA CONTINUA / Les Moulins, France, 2016. Photo credit: Oak Taylor-Smith

Kevin Rouillard, "Le Grand mur" - Winner of the Sam Prize for Contemporary Art 2018

February 21 - May 17, 2020

Essentially sculptural, Kevin Rouillard’s practice is set in a process of recuperation. His large assemblages of metallic panels and flattened canisters are a way to evoke the world of workers and the circulation of goods. The winner of the Sam Art Prize in 2018, he conceived his exhibition in Mexico, during a journey that allowed him both to encounter pre-Colombian sculptural imaginary and the political reality of a country sharing a frontier with the USA. Entitled the “Le Grand Mur”, this new project makes this singular context resonate with his recent production.


13 President Wilson Avenue, 75116 Paris

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