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The final years of Franco’s dictatorship and the emergence of Spain’s fledgling democracy were marked in the artistic and cultural fields by the irruption of a group of radical free-thinkers that infused music, cinema, photography and painting with counter-cultural ideas, creating what is now referred to as La Movida. Carlos Sánchez Pérez (Madrid, 1958-2018), better known as Ceesepe, was unquestionably one of the most prolific and subversive figures of his time, making the greatest contribution to the renewal of the Spanish art scene and acting as a bridge between the two main artistic centres, Madrid and Barcelona. The exhibition will include drawings and film posters as well as some of the pictures produced during his periods in Paris. A selection of the paintings adapted by Pedro Almodóvar for his films will also be shown; and Ceesepe’s relationships with Alberto García-Alix and Ouka Leele will also be highlighted.


Ceesepe (Carlos Sanchez Pérez)