Schonfeld Gallery

690 Waterloo Road, Brussels +32 (0)478 20 25 82 Insight In 2018 Schönfeld gallery becomes autonomous under the direction of Greet Umans and strives to let (re) discover some Flemish artists to collectors and institutions. The production of those artists is accompanied by invitations / confrontations with artists from Switzerland, Germany and France… … Read more

Galerie Sator

8, Gravilliers Passage, 75003, Paris +33 (0)1 42 78 04 84 General For the first time since its participation in Drawing Now, the Sator gallery wants to present a solo show by Truc-Anh. Since 2015, Truc-Anh has been developing a work of saturation of space with the practice of drawing. Each work is … Read more


Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 627, Barcelona +34 (0)936 338 360 General The final years of Franco’s dictatorship and the emergence of Spain’s fledgling democracy were marked in the artistic and cultural fields by the irruption of a group of radical free-thinkers that infused music, cinema, photography and painting with counter-cultural ideas, … Read more


Spinnereistrasse 7, Leipzig +49 (0)30 275 813 97 General Tiziana Jill Beck will present a monumental triptych “We Prefer Not To”, created in pencil, oriental pigmented ink and pencil on hanji – a thick Korean paper made from the bark of a mulberry tree – the vibrant work was made during her residency … Read more

Galerie Jean-Louis Ramand

1600 Route des Milles Aragon, 2, 13090 Aix-en-Provence + 33 (0)9 72 42 26 10 Process For the 14th edition of Drawing Now, Galerie Jean-Louis Ramand presents a solo show of Fabien Granet entitled “Les Indestinés”. This project will mainly combine drawing on paper, videos and other techniques such as graphite on glass. … Read more

Galerie Ramakers

Toussaintkade 51, The Hague +31 (0)6 55 89 76 17 General Warffemius is able to create strong images that sear into your memory with just a few sober shapes. The combinations and repetitions of shapes are both simple and effective. The beauty that unveils itself is best described as introvert and delicately layered. … Read more

Galerie Catherine Putman

40 quincampoix Street, 75004, Paris +33 (0)1 45 55 23 06 General On the occasion of Drawing Now 2020, the Galerie Catherine Putman will focus on Carmen Perrin’s recent works. Important Swiss artist of bolivian origin, for the past ten years, in parallel with her sculpture work and her interventions in public space, … Read more

PDX Contemporary Art

925 NW Flanders Street, Portland +1 503 222 0063 Process Victoria Haven’s abstract ‘painted drawings’ operate as containers and frames that provoke the negative space of the central ‘void’ through a manipulation of 2D space that belies a fixed state. The metallic paint intensifies a perceptual vibration by creating another layer of reflection … Read more

Galerie Paris-Beijing

62 rue du Turbigo, 75003, Paris +33 (0)1 42 74 32 36 General For Drawing Now, the Paris-Beijing gallery will present Volkan Aslan’s latest series of drawings in focus. In his work, the artist questions the manifestations of the social imagination in everyday life. His practice is at the crossroads of different media: … Read more

Galerie Papillon

13 rue Chapon, 75003, Paris +33 (0)1 40 29 07 20 General Gaëlle Chotard draws landscapes, the feeling of strata, faults. She tries to blend into the space of the sheet of paper or the wall, to experience this almost disappearance facing the immensity while going into the depths to reach a density … Read more

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