Catalog Drawing Now Paris 2007 – Edition 1

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Catalog of the first edition of Drawing Now Paris that took place from 22nd to 26 of march 2007.

36 galleries took part to the first Salon du dessin contemporain, created by Christine Phal. A nomadic salon, he has invested a former office building on Avenue d’Iéna in Paris. “This original bias, to invest a Haussmannian building of the Golden Triangle, offers galleries a situation of works in spaces “in apartments” and allows visitors a more direct and friendly approach.”

Antoine de Galbert, founder of the Maison rouge, was the honor guest of this first edition. He showcased its collection of drawings, with pieces from Markus Raetz, Marcel Dzama, Jérôme Zonder, Stéphane Mandelbaum, and an animated drawing of Hans Op de Beck. “Part more intimate and more secret, this presentation, which is neither encyclopedic nor historical, offers in turn the fragmentary contours of a personality anxious to base his pleasure on the great diversity of the drawing, by its spontaneity and its invention.”

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