DRAWING NOW AWARD – The DRAWING NOW Prize is reinforced

Lucie Picandet, represented by Galerie Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois

This year, five artists are nominated by the Prize selection committee.

The committee, including members of the fair’s selectionteam and the principal Prize patron SOFERIM, has drawn up the list of the five nominations from the 100 eligiblea rtistsin the fair.

Selection committee of the fair: Joana P. R. Neves, Emilie Bouvard, Véronique Souben, Adam Budak, Philippe Piguet and Daniel Schildge/

Main sponsor: SOFERIM represented by Jean Papahn, Founder and CEO

The committee will meet on March 27 2019, during DRAWING NOW, after seeing the work of the short listed artists on display, to select the winner. Laura Hoptman, Drawing Center New York Director, is invited to vote and select the winner alongside with the committee.

The winner willreceive 5,000 euros and will begiven a personal exhibition at the Drawing Lab in the year after his or her nomination thanks to SOFERIM, main sponsor of the fair.

5 nominated artists for 2019

• Io Burgard, French, born in 1987 / represented by Galerie Maïa Muller / booth C15

• Damien Deroubaix, French, born in 1972 / represented by galerie In Situ – Fabienne Leclerc / booth B16

• Friedrich Kunath, German, born in 1974 / represented by VNH Gallery / booth A6

• Lucie Picandet, French, born in 1982 / represented by Galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois / booth A5

• Nazanin Pouyandeh, Iranian, born in 1981 / represented by Galerie Sator / booth B12

2018 DRAWING NOW Prize

Michail Michailov is the winner of this 8th DRAWING NOW Prize, created during the 4th edition of the fair, in 2010.
He is represented by Projektraum Viktor Bucher gallery.

His current winner exhibition takes place at the DRAWING LAB Paris from January, 30th to February, 22nd.

Free entrance, every day from 11am to 7pm.



Michail Michailov, Galerie Projektraum Victor Bucher


Lionel Sabatte, Galerie C


Jochen Gerner, Anne Barrault


Abdelkader Benchamma, FL Gallery


Catherine Boch, Galerie Papillon


Didier Rittener, Galerie Lange + Pult


Clément Bagot, Galerie Eric Dupont