For many years, comics and contemporary drawing have been “looking at each other with understanding eyes” to quote Charles Baudelaire’s poem Correspondences. Moving beyond frames and vignettes, destroying heros while creating anti-heros, and shattering narration are preoccupations that appear in both contemporary art and comics. Moreover, a certain amount of abstraction has recently materialized in comics in unexpected and formally innovative ways.

The exhibition BD/Drawing : Correspondances (‘Comics/Drawing: Correspondences’) brings together artworks from the collection of the Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image (‘International City of Comics and Images’) as well as from artist studios and galleries. The selection thus made allows highlighting the various ways in which all modes of contemporary creation resonate, with their manifold cross-influences discernible in a vast array of pictures. It calls on how characters and typical comic scenes are made for the dailies here, created in a fantastical manner there, or elsewhere portrayed in psychedelic, geometric, and minimalist forms of abstraction.

Fred (1931-2013)
Philémon, l’enfer des épouvantails
1965, 44 x 35 cm

François Menninger (né en 1984)
Village classé
2016, 21 x 29,7 cm

Jochen Gerner (né en 1970)
Sans titre
24,1 x 18 cm

Patrice Killoffer (né en 1966)
Six cent soixante – seize apparitions de Kilofffer
(planche n°28)
2002, 54,9 x 37,9 cm

SANAHUJAS (1952-1996)
Les dirigeables de l’Amazone, la cour des miracles
1978, 51,2 x 40,2cm