25 JUIN 2021

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Committed throughout the year to defend contemporary drawing, the mother-daughter duo Christine Phal and Carine Tissot created the Drawing Society to respond to their desire to federate around them a community of art lovers, professionals and curious people wishing to support contemporary creation.

Since September 2021, the Drawing Society now brings together the various entities Drawing Now Art Fair, Drawing Lab, Drawing on Demand, Drawing Edition, Drawing Hotel and Drawing House. These activities have as their epicenter the same passion: contemporary drawing. Thus, the Drawing Society is deployed around two axes: the first exclusively dedicated to the deployment of artistic activities, the second develops hotel activities with a collection of hotels around contemporary design.

Thus, throughout the year, the art and hotel departments make Paris vibrate to the rhythm of contemporary drawing!

The Art pole


Drawing Now Art Fair, the first contemporary art fair exclusively dedicated to drawing in Europe, welcomes more than 70 international galleries every march. These galleries present more than 400 artists and nearly 2,000 works, representative of the diversity of drawing from the last 50 years to today. Collectors and art lovers are invited to discover the works of emerging and more established artists.

Since the first edition, the selection of galleries that exhibit at Drawing Now Art Fair has been carried out by an independent committee – without any team members or galleries – formed by professionals from contemporary art and contemporary drawing.

Joana P. R. Neves, appointed artistic director in 2018, brings together different personalities to choose the projects that make the fair successful.

The Drawing Now Prize, created in 2011, supports an artist and salutes the work of his gallery, with an endowment of € 15,000, an exhibition and a catalog thanks to the Fund for Contemporary Drawing supported by SOFERIM.


The Drawing Lab is a private art center dedicated to contemporary drawing, opened in 2017 by Christine Phal, patron of contemporary drawing and founder of Drawing Now Art Fair.

The programming of this non-profit place is defined by an artistic committee.

Christine Phal's personal commitment allows:

  • several actions aimed at the public;
  • the production of four exhibitions per year;
  • catalog publishing;
  • free access for all.

The vocation of this place is to ensure the dissemination of contemporary drawing to all audiences.

The Drawing Lab is located at 17, rue de Richelieu - 75001 Paris


Drawing On Demand is a cultural engineering company specializing in the design, implementation and realization of artistic projects.

Led by the teams of the Drawing Society, Drawing On Demand has been carrying out projects with contemporary artists and designers for 20 years in the event industry, hotels and real estate.

Contemporary art fairs, commissions for public works, interventions in the context of 1 building – 1 work, tarpaulins and construction fences, temporary occupations of spaces (Drawing Factory, Drawing Market) or one-off events, Drawing On Demand puts drawing on demand and tailor-made in your projects.

Drawing hotels collection


The Drawing Hotel is a four-star boutique hotel with a 48-room unique artistic concept in the heart of Paris, which showcases contemporary design and the expressiveness of artists.

Imagined by Carine Tissot, Executive Director of the Drawing Society, she was accompanied in the realization of it by the duo of interior designers NIDO. Six artists were given carte blanche to make each corridor a perennial work of art.

It is above all a place of experimentation whose customers are the privileged spectators. Much more than a "simple" hotel to sleep, the team has created a complete living space to allow hotel guests but also Parisians to have a drink, discover an exhibition or even learn about contemporary drawing throughout the floors. It is a real destination in itself, a place of life where exchange and sharing are the key words, close to the most sought-after Parisian cultural life.

The Drawing Hotel is located at 17, rue de Richelieu - 75001 Paris

The Drawing House is a 143-room hotel, designed as a boutique hotel located in the Gaîté-Montparnasse district at 21, rue Vercingétorix — 75014 Paris.

Carine Tissot, accompanied by the NIDO agency, invited 7 artists to invest the rooms and common areas. An exhibition space dedicated to contemporary drawing will complete the artistic component with invitations to galleries or institutions. The speakeasy gives carte blanche to artists in a more ephemeral way.

Throughout the year, the hotel lives to the rhythm of a rich cultural program and invites the artistic community to take possession of this new place of life.

Drawing House is located at 21, rue Vercingétorix — 75014 Paris